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Introduction to the user interface software platform

As part of a software platform, the entire interface is visually divided into three semantic units:

The header displays the navigation menu sections.

The left Sidebar block displays widgets: "User Information" which displays the user picture, the name of the profile, the user login, the number of "Things", the number of "Users" who have subscribed to the "Things", "You may to track" where you can find another Users & "Popular by Tag" whitch displays hash tags of popular "Things".

The main content area displays content according to the current section. After the first call and logged in user sees a list of "Things".

In the "Things" section displays "Things" widgets added to the system. Conclusion and sorting is done automatically as you add devices to the system.

"Things" widgets have a common view of the display, and can be divided into visual units:

Things Interface


Main "Things" section User Interface

User Interface

Depending on the type of device data, for example, the type or Level Data on its details page, you can see the history in the interactive chart. The abscissa displays the time period, and the vertical axis — the value at the current time.

Detailed Things view


Detailed data

Each item has a value of log records from the device, which is presented in the form of table values with the time and value. In the header data in the table indicate the name of the parameter and its unit.

If you are in the detailed view of the Thing item data in another user profile you can view in the upper right corner of the button which allows you to add this item to your Things list.

Beneath the table logs displayed control interface downloading data

Export data

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